At the Kraków Forum, I chaired 2 sessions:

“INTERCULTURAL MEDIATION”: When mediating “inter­culturally”, a particular focus of attention is to be aimed at reducing – within the context of a mediated approach towards the resolution of disputes – the tensions, and possible negative effects of language barriers, as well as other differences of origin, culture and religion, to the minimum. This calls for a specific approach, and for mediators with corresponding attitudes, knowledge and skills. The session looked at some interesting practices in the field, whilst recalling some intercultural theories serving as backbone.
Besides myself, acting as moderator and speaker, I was assisted in this session by Roberta REGAZZONI from the Camera Arbitrale di Milano in Milan, Italy, Fang WANG, from China Chamber of International Commerce Mediation Center in Beijing, China, Mona HANNA, Lawyer and Mediator, President and Founder of the Lebanese Association for Mediation and Conciliation (LAMAC) in Beirut, Lebanon, and Prof. Małgorzata KOŻUCH, Attorney at law and accredited mediator at Chamber of Commerce in Krakow, Poland

I also chaired the (recurrently programmed at each Forum) “MINING THE MINDS”-session, in which participants have the opportunity to Mine the Minds of experienced mediators, with specific questions about mediation practice, styles of mediation, how to break impasse at mediation, or other specific issues. The purpose of this session is to discuss mediation practice in a very open setting in order to enhance experiences, give ideas, and ameliorate the efficiency of mediation processes.
Beside myself, I was joined by panellists Alan LIMBURY, Lawyer, Negotiaator, Mediator and Arbitrator, at Strategic Resolution, Sydney, Australia, Thierry GARBY, President Emeritus and Founder of the UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres, Honorary Attorney of the Paris Bar, Mediator and Trainer from France, Rosemary HOWELL of Strategic Action Pty Ltd, Professorial Vising Fellow at the University of New South Wales, Australia and Jeff ABRAMS, Attorney, Mediator and Arbitrator, from Houston, TX, USA.

Pics of the Forum can be found here

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