appropriate dispute resolution

The Con-sent Manifest

Conflicts and disputes are of all times: where people come together, differences arise.
All too often refuge is sought in a time, energy, and money-wasting judicial process. That can dangerously jeopardize your core activity.
We believe that – in most cases – it is in the parties’ interest to not give control of the situation out of their hands. The judgment of a third party, namely the judge, will not always be recognized as “correct” or “just” by all parties.

In dispute settlement, the term ADR refers to alternative dispute resolution, where alternative stands for an alternative way that the one through Court. At Con-Sent ADR we think first and foremost of what is suitable, or in other words appropriate.
“We are dedicated to helping businesses, organizations and institutions, as well as individuals, to resolve conflict and move forward by providing creative, accurate, thorough and effective mediation solutions.

Our engagement is to work evenly hard for all parties that entrust us with a mediation mission, and treat them with respect and consideration, through cooperation and open communication.
We empower parties and make them masters of their fate*.”

*from Invictus, by William Ernest Henley

Georges Hanot MSc

When people ask me what I do for a living I usually tell them that “I have two hats”. On the one hand I accompany businesses – and the people that man them – along their growth path, whilst making them as future proof as possible. Management, business administration and economics are after all my primary background. This, here, is my other “hat”: the Con-sent ADR Practice.
Connecting people and unfolding common interests had always been a common thread throughout my career. And as my collaborative, interest-based approach had made me into a successful negotiator and conflict manager, I decided about 10 years ago to deepen my knowledge and put my experience at the service of others. Read more.


Our ecosystem

In varying situations and circumstances, one can only be performant when relying on an effective network of relationships.
Whether through cooperation on specific areas of practice, or by keeping open lines, to continuous learning and current research; I am widely entangled in a lively network of partner affiliates and organizations whose specialized skills and resources add value to my work. Read more.

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