At the Luxembourg Forum, I chaired the session on “Mediation in the Construction Industry”: Whether as individuals, or within corporations, nearly everyone has come across one in his life. Not surprisingly, construction disputes are topping the rankings as foremost initiated cases before commercial courts. The session looked at the array of practices, whilst seeking ways to improve the adoption of more appropriate and cost-effective ways of dispute resolution by disputants in the field.
Besides myself, acting as moderator and speaker, I was assisted in this session by Raphaël VAN DER VLEUGEL, Director at CODIC Luxembourg, Claude AMAR, Hotel developer, architect and internationally accredited mediator, President of the French Academy of Mediation and the French Institute for Certification of Mediators, Paris, France, and Jacques WOLTER, Attorney­at­law and mediator, President of the CMCC, the Luxembourg Centre for Civil and Commercial Mediation, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Pics of the Forum can be found here

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