Georges Hanot chairs 23rd World Forum of Mediation Centres in Kraków, Poland

At the Kraków Forum, I chaired 2 sessions: “INTERCULTURAL MEDIATION”: When mediating “inter­culturally”, a particular focus of attention is to be aimed at reducing – within the context of a mediated approach towards the resolution of disputes – the tensions, and possible negative effects of language barriers, as well as other differences of origin, culture… Read More

Georges Hanot chairs at UIA’s 22nd World Forum of Mediation Centres in Luxembourg

At the Luxembourg Forum, I chaired the session on “Mediation in the Construction Industry”: Whether as individuals, or within corporations, nearly everyone has come across one in his life. Not surprisingly, construction disputes are topping the rankings as foremost initiated cases before commercial courts. The session looked at the array of practices, whilst seeking ways… Read More

Georges Hanot attends UIA’s 20th World Forum of Mediation Centres in Thessaloniki, Greece

The International Association of Lawyers (UIA – Union Internationale des Avocats) brings together over 2, 000 individual members and 200 bar, federation and association members, from more than 110 countries. Within UIA, the Mediation and Conflict Prevention Commission created The World Forum of Mediation Centres in 2001. It brings together the most important commercial mediation… Read More